Aligned Business Program

For a successful business that represents you

Lady I know you are so ready to step out of the shadows and live your best life!

A life of passion, purpose and connection!

A life where you are leading and empowering those around you! Am I right?!

I have been in the exact position you are in right now. I remember the hard hustle, chasing after leads that went NO WHERE, cold calling for hours and hours searching for the right person to get on the phone, and sending out so many email proposals that never got looked at. I remember thinking "Is it really this hard?"

......And the answer is NO!

Your business should feel FUN, EXCITING, and REWARDING every single day!

If it doesn't feel like this, then something needs to change ASAP

I loved building and working in my dance fitness company! I knew the importance of the work I was doing and I could see the MASSIVE impact I was having on all the women and children who came to my classes. I hated the weekends and longed for Mondays so I could get back into doing what I loved the most.... SERVING MY COMMUNITY!

As my business grew there became MORE TO DO! But I was only one person, I couldn't keep up with the crazy workload AND keep up the sales and marketing side too! I felt like I was trying everything to keep my business gorwing and nothing was working. All my usual strategies were failing me. I was stuck on this hamster wheel, working harder and harder, but NOT getting the results I wanted.

Are you feeling this?

I became so overwhelmed with doing #allthethings that eventually I suffered complete burnout. I had a mental, physical, and emotional breakdown.... I couldn't do it anymore and I had lost my passion... so I sold my business, my baby, my lifes work. I didn't realise that I had other options.... that I could get help...... DON'T MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE I DID!


Aligned Business Program

The 3-6 month 1-1 Program that will sky-rocket your business in the direction YOU want

"Tara is incredible! I started working with Tara through her membership - Build Your Emprie - and was blown away by all the incredible programs and course offerings. Then I joined her 1-1 program and have tripled my sales and continue to consistently bring in clients... and I feel freaking AMAZING!"

— Yolanda, Mum & Bubs Fitness

So why have an Aligned Business?

Imagine just by being you, you inspire & attract people who want to work with you.... no selling involved!

Imagine you are building positive, trusting, & authentic relationships with people (not just "getting clients") to easily grow your business!

Imagine being surrounded by people who value and truly appreciate all the you do & have to offer & will refer you to all their friends!

AMAZING, right?!

Well that's exactly what happens when you start being true to you. When you show up & serving in a way that complete works FOR you then the right people will ALWAYS be drawn to you...

But perhaps somewhere along the way you forgot this little puzzle piece.... it got lost under the couch and you didn't even realise.... you've been so busy working IN your business, trying to

  • get more clients,
  • make more sales,
  • balance the books,
  • divide your time between work, clients, family, friends ..... it's EXHAUSTING!!

"Tara Mollel is an amazing coach. Her passion, skill and deeper awareness make her coaching session unique. I admire the way she identified the deeper issues instantly and coached me to the best outcome. She take a lot of effort to make each coaching session effective an enjoyable. I thoroughly enjoyed her sessions and highly recommend her for all who would like to achieve their dreams."

— Thaya Shan

What's Included?

6-8x Fortnightly 1:1 transformational coaching sessions via Zoom, focused on getting you consistent clients and income, complete clarity around your offer and how to package it, and 100% confidence in the value that you provide

Priority email support for the duration of our coaching, whether you have a burning question between sessions or just want to update me on your progress, you’ll have priority email access as long as we’re working together. I’m here to help!

Unlimited laser coaching and mentoring in between sessions via Voxer. About to head in to your next big meeting? Got a presentation coming up? Facing a challenging situation? Leave me a voice message and I’ll respond asap to coach you through it

Session recordings of our time together. This is a great way to check in with what you’re discovering about yourself. You’ll love being able to refer to them, even if it’s just to see your progress

Private client folder to hold all the recordings, inspiration, motivation, ah ha moments, content clarity etc we have together


Access to Build Your Empire Membership and all the courses and trainings that are available (Value:$600)

How to Be a Leader Workbook. Structured workbook to take you through the steps of leadership and showing up for your clients (Value:$49)

Your Ideal Day worksheet – gain clarity on your vision for the future and what you are working towards (Value:$49)

Just imagine seeing these amazing results from all your hard work:

  • Consistently converting enquiries into paying clients with ease and joy! (Yes sales will be fun!)
  • Watching a powerful tribe and community growing from your inspiring, authentic message
  • Inspiration flowing from the clarity you gain on who you are and the immense value you deliver
  • Planning several travel adventures for you and your loved ones - for business AND for pleasure
  • Speaking with confidence and conviction, whether its rocking a facebook live, a training, or speaking event, your words will hold power and transform the lives of your audience
  • Leading your tribe with calm confidence and feeling assured in your direction (no more relying on faith alone, you KNOW you’ve got this!)
  • Being so magnetic that you consistently draw amazing people to just for being YOU!
  • Knowing your true value and feeling 100% worthy of it
  • Working less and MAKING MORE!

Your Investment in your future success

$700 per month for the duration of your program

Want to know if we would be a good fit? Book in a call to see -->

"Not having been in business before and with family commitments to take into consideration, I was feeling inundated with starting my business. With Tara’s nurturing and expert support, I was able to put things into perspective, create strategies that work for me and feel empowered to forge ahead.

I highly recommend giving Tara a call to help you in getting your business up and running and moving in the direction you desire. Don’t continue to hesitate and flounder in figuring it all out yourself. Tara will have you bounding along the road of business success in no time!

Thanks Tara – you’re awesome!"

-Lisa Pope, Coach at Treasured Insights

Lady, You Can:

  • Have a business that truly reflects who you really are, feeling certain and confident in what you offer
  • Show the world your UNIQUE SUPERPOWER and embrace your awesomeness to attract others who want exactly what you have
  • Create a business that you LOVE, surrounded by people you love working with
  • Inspire others to live their dream just by being your authentic self

Let’s stop the hard hustle, stop fumbling around and wasting time doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results!

Lets create your life of FREEDOM!

The next step on your path to FREEDOM is simple........

Just click on the button below to schedule a call with me to see if this is right for you


  • How long is the program for?

I offer an initial 3 month program, if you are just starting out or if this is your first time investing in your business. I get it, it can be scary, and you want to know that it will work out, that it will be worth it. Here's the thing lady, this program will only work if you are fully committed to your business success. If you are 8/10 or more in your desire to achieve business success, not only for yourself but for your family too, then investing in your knowledge and growth is ALWAYS worth it.

If you have invested in your business before and are looking for long term support and accountability, then I also have a 6-12 month program. Book in a call to find out more

  • When can I start?

We can start as soon as you decide. However the bonuses above are only for a limited time and I only take 6 x1-1 clients at a time so make sure you jump on a call and lets get ready! Its all about saying YES and then working out HOW

  • What if I don't have a business yet, is this for me?

Absolutely! This is the best place to start. Get clear on identifying your passion and how it can be monetized and turned into a business that supports you and your family 100%. Plus you will get access to the Get Launched online course which will walk you through the basics step-by-step. Develop a business that suits YOU from the very start, not waste your time trying to sell other peoples stuff.

  • I've been in business for a little while now, is this for me?

If you are wanting to increase your business, expand your client base, or even alter how you serve clients, then F YEAH! Lady what you have been doing so far has gotten you to this point, and that's fantastic! But its now time to crank your business up to the next level, without causing your to completely burnout. You want to reach more people and you feel you have dried up all your current channels, but who has the time for sales and marketing?! Lets make some time! Get clear on what you do best and how to build a support team around you so you and your business can thrive.