My Story

My Mission

To inspire and empower 1 million women in business to authentically connect to themselves and their business and feel 100% worthy of the wealth and financial freedom they desire

My story starts when I graduated with a double degree in Dance and Education and quickly realised NO-ONE was hiring.....

In 2008 I started my first small business.

The only thought behind this move was "well no-one else will hire me so I may as well hire myself". I had NO idea how to set up and run a business, but I had a passion, a desire, a calling! Just like you. I truly believe if you have a big enough WHY the HOW will follow.

BUT I thought I had to go it alone and do it all by myself. I couldn't let anyone see that I didn't know what I was doing or that behind the scenes I was frantically running around trying to make everything perfect, working 24/7 to cover the fact that I felt like a complete fraud! Despite the amazing growth and success I achieved during this time, I never truly let myself believe it or congratulated myself for all my hard work and effort.

By the time I was 28 I had built a successful small business with 15 staff, consistent clients and more new clients coming on board every quarter. I had been with my boyfriend for 6 years and we lived right on the water with amazing harbour views in Sydney, Australia. I had friends and family close by, I was fit and healthy with a passion for yoga and dance.

At this point I had everything that I could have ever possibly wanted, I had all the "success" that people had been telling me I should want..... except I was unbelievably miserable!

I couldn't put my finger on it but I just felt so flat, so tired, so unfulfilled. I was running around so "busy", trying to be everything to everyone and making sure they were happy that I totally neglected myself. I ignored that little voice inside me that was trying to tell me that something wasn't right. That I had somehow lost my way and my purpose in life. At the time it just seemed easier to ignore that little voice because facing the truth was just TOO SCARY!

This strategy worked for a while, until I completely BURNT OUT!

I was so stressed out and constantly overwhelmed that my passion burnt up and I came to resent my business and myself. Not only that but, because my business had become all consuming, it caused me to loose connection with my friends and family, my relationship of 6 years ENDED. I felt completely lost and alone, for the first time in my life I had NO DIRECTION and no clue how to find my way out of this hole.

I just collapsed. My body, my heart, and my mind just couldn't deny it any more, something needed to change.

Have you been here?

It was during this time that I realised the common factor to all my problems was ME! Maybe the problem wasn't my business, or that annoying client, or the fact my family "just don't get it", or my ex, or ...insert excuse here.... Maybe it was ME THAT NEEDED TO CHANGE. Change my perspective, change my approach, change my thoughts......

Welcome To The Start Of My Personal Development Journey

I had been practising yoga for many years but always missing the meditation part. All that "woo woo" stuff just wasn't for me. My focus was on getting it "right", doing it "perfectly", getting the exercise bit of yoga and that was it.

I invested in a 40 day yoga course to try and strengthen my physical practice but I gained so much more....

In those 40 days I started to notice the mental chatter that was CONSTANTLY running in my head and what I was saying to myself on a regular basis. It was pretty nasty stuff!

I started tuning in to my body more, noticing the sensations that were coming up for me and just sitting with the feeling. For someone as active and "busy" as I was, this was an incredibly DIFFICULT task. But I kept at it. I started looking inward more for the answers to my questions, and the more I practised, the easier it became and the clearer my next steps were. I needed to get back to my passion and find my purpose in life and that couldn't happen while I was still in my comfort zone, I need to shake sh$t up!

Have you ever felt like this?

And so through a series of coincidences (if you believe such a thing exists) I found myself selling my business, my car, and every material possession I owned, only carrying what could fit in my backpack, and on a one-way flight to Tanzania, Africa!

Perspective Helps.....

The moment I landed in Arusha, Tanzania I fell in LOVE! This was the most amazing, dusty, hot, and beautiful place I had ever been. I was open to every experience that came my way. All the highs and lows, challenges and opportunities were placed in front of me so I could grow and learn more about myself and what I was put on this earth for. And man was I thrown into the deep end!

The wonderful sense of community that exists and the acceptance that I felt without having to "prove" myself was overwhelming. The incredible personal stories of hardship and triumph, of struggle and strength were inspiring and put my recent challenges into perspective. I found my gratitude while working here.

I was fortunate enough to become a consultant to several grassroot NGO's and help them to restructure their organisation to be more sustainable and boost their international marketing and fundrasing efforts so they could continue to help the local women and children long term.

All the lessons I had learnt from building and running my own business coupled with my skills as an educator came to fruition. It showed me how much of my own worth and value I had taken for granted and dismissed. I started to feel confident in my own abilities and knowledge. Finally I felt I was on track. Moving towards my greater purpose.

When I have a passion and purpose, its like a fire has been lit inside me, and it fuels my every move.

Do you feel like that?

It was here I met a compassionate, optimistic, intelligent, and eternally patient man who saw me for me. He saw past the mask, and into my soul and loved what he saw.

And Then Came The Babies.....

I've been through many changes in my life, all have signified the changes that were happening within me. The two most significant changes came from the births of my children.

I was still in Tanzania when I fell pregnant with my son and it's safe to say this news was a complete shock to my system! Yes I SH@T myself when I found out. It was a mix of amazement, joy, fear, and complete confusion. I returned to Australia to give birth and when I did life as I knew it was over. I was thrown this curve ball that I didn't see coming and had no idea what to do. It was easier faking my way through building a business than it was to raise a baby.!

Then just a short 18months later my daughter came into the world and it was at that point I realised that I had no idea who I was any more. I had been treading water and in survival mode.......

It hit me like a ton of bricks!

  • Who was this person that tiredly starred back at me in the mirror?......I HAVE NO IDEA!
  • What did I like to do?
  • What were my interests?
  • What was my style?

What I did know was that I had lost touch with ME! The active, fun, happy, energetic me. The driven, social, charismatic me. I knew that if I was going to be the best mum, wife, partner, sister, daughter, and friend I could be then I needed to find myself again and live life on MY TERMS. I needed to get back in touch with my vision and purpose.

Life As An Entrepreneur Round 3

As entrepreneurs we've all heard the nay sayers, and we are well aware there is no logic to wanting to be an entrepreneur. There's no structure, no safety, and all risk....and I wouldn't have it any other way!

For me this isn't a choice, it is who I AM!

The highs and lows, the challenges and opportunities, the growth is what fuels me, and drives me in all aspects of my life. I have always believed that there are solutions to every problem, we just need to get creative and find them!

And I am passionate above helping awesome people, like you, to live the life they have always DREAMED of!

I have met some incredible people doing incredible things and I want to help them to continue to shine and be the best version of themselves for their business, their family and for themselves.

You know you were meant for a life of greatness!

You know you are worth more and can make your dreams of time, financial and location freedom come true.

Lets boost your client base and Impact TODAY